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Electric Bikes For Sale

The world is becoming more digital in all aspects. Simply look around and you’ll see digitalization happening almost anywhere, from your homes, office, and the streets. From that billboard on the highways flashing your favorite Netflix show, self-checkout grocery stores, to eco-cars, we’ve gone a long way in developing innovative solutions to decrease our carbon footprint. When it comes to modern micro-mobility solutions, however, there’s one that stands out – electric bikes for sale.

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With the e-bike, you can reach further destinations and higher peaks. At, we don’t do things half-heartedly; instead, we provide you with a comprehensive solution. That’s why we use Bosch electric motors and batteries, the indisputable e-bike market leader. Bosch provides not just motors and batteries, but also a well-coordinated comprehensive solution that is ideally matched to you and ensures you get the most out of your ride. The large, clear displays provide real-time cycle data, and some models include bike navigation software. All you have to do now is climb aboard and the ride will begin!

You can buy e-bikes from from well-known manufacturers such as Polygon, Trek, Cube, Giant, Rad Power, Santa Cruz, Specialized, Marin, or Univega including the’s money-back guarantee. The drive of an e-bike always multiplies the body’s own leg strength by the factor that was selected as the level of support. An e-bike accelerates faster and higher speeds can and are ridden more often than a normal bike. Below you will find useful advice and tips on common e-bike topics such as e.g. B. Battery performance, care, and storage are the main advantages and disadvantages of the middle motor principle or the correct maintenance of your e-bike. Frequently asked questions and answers about e-bikes we have compiled them for you in our e-bike FAQ checklist.


E-bikes are comparable to a moped and can be “started” using a twist grip or switch button attached to the handlebars. Pedaling is not necessary to pick up speed. If you want to buy and ride an e-bike, you also need an insurance number, an operating license, and a moped driver’s license. Wearing a helmet is required.



  1. Maintenance: The maintenance is the same as for a classic bike. In addition, there is a battery and drive check.
  2. Range: The ranges (with motor support) specified by the manufacturers are only theoretical values. They are influenced by: age and state of charge of the battery, selected support level, temperature, morphology, wind conditions, weight load, tire profile and pressure, speed, and cadence.
  3. Engine power: With an e-bike, the driver controls the engine power using a twist grip. Driving is then also possible without pedaling.
  4. Drive mode: With a pedelec, the driver is supported while pedaling and can
    choose between different levels of support.
  5. StVZO approval: an electric bicycle usually corresponds to the road traffic regulations and the approval regulations for electric bicycles
    and pedelecs.
  6. Approval obligation: There is no insurance, approval, or helmet obligation with the exception of e-bikes over 25 km/h.

No post-purchase charges

With the value guarantee of complete protection, you are on the safe side in every situation.

E-bikes are fast and have a lot of power. To ensure that it stays that way and that you are safe on the road in every situation, your e-bike should be checked regularly. The value guarantees complete protection covers all repair and wear costs such as drive chain and sprocket replacement. And when the battery power falls below 60%, you get a new one.

Even more advantages?

Trek Powerfly FS 7 (Crystal White-Alpine Dark Blue Fade)

In recent years, the bike industry has introduced numerous innovations. There are now e-bike racing bikes such as the Trek  Powerfly FS 7 E-Mountain bike. This e-bike is a racing bike. Or this racing bike is an e-bike. Those who prefer to be off the beaten track now have the opportunity to choose between different e-bike MTB models.

Total protection guaranteed

Full protection against wear and tear, fall and accident damage, vandalism, theft, and battery performance degradation. You are completely protected.

No costs

All repair and wear and tear costs are covered at 100%. You have no additional expenses and save yourself time and stress.

Always mobile with full power

It doesn’t matter whether it’s wear and tear, moisture, electronic damage, or your own fault: If your battery performance falls below 60%, you’ll get a new one – free and fast, so you’re always mobile.

Safe against theft

You will be reimbursed the full new price, not just the residual value. You are also protected against theft of parts (battery, wheel, saddle, …).

A cheap investment

The price for the value that guarantees complete protection is based on the value of your e-bike. So you don’t pay too much and benefit from a cheap tariff.

Always there for you

No matter what you need or where you are, you can always call us and make an appointment in the workshop. We’ll take care of your bike and handle the paperwork for you.

E-bike – the modern bike for all classes

Trek Mountain Electric bikes for sale online | Trek Powerfly FS 7 e-bike for sale

Modern e-bikes offer comfort, are reliable, and are impressed with their innovative designs. Long gone are the days when a bulky motor ruined the look of a bike. With ever slimmer components and the simultaneous increase in performance, there is now a suitable e-bike variant for all bicycle classes and in a wide variety of sizes. In addition, different performance levels and functions are available to meet all requirements. So you too can buy the e-bike that perfectly suits your needs without a long search.

E-bikes and pedelecs – what’s the difference?

Most bicycles that are commercially available and colloquially referred to as “e-bikes” (also “e bikes” or “ebikes”) can be classified under the pedelec category. Generally, an e-bike is a bike that is equipped with an electric motor. This results in a striking difference between pedelecs and e-bikes.


A pedelec is an abbreviation for “Pedal Electric Cycle”. There is already an important point in the name that serves to distinguish between the two e-bike types. Because a pedelec must always be operated with the pedals. This means that despite the electric motor, the driver cannot lean back and relax on the saddle and only operate the electric bike using the handlebars. A pedelec only supports pedaling but does not completely relieve you of it.

No driver’s license and no compulsory insurance for e-bike models of the pedelec variant.

The power of the electric motor in these e-bike models is normally around 250 watts. Most bikes allow several settings to find the optimal function for you individually. In the case of a pedelec, the cadence or the force transmitted to the pedals by the driver is usually taken as the basis for finding the right setting for support. For pedelecs, you do not need a driver’s license, no insurance number and there is no obligation to wear a helmet, although wearing a helmet is strongly recommended for safety reasons.


The biggest difference between an e-bike and a pedelec is the fact that an e-bike can accelerate without you pedaling. With a flick of the wrist, you switch on the powerful electric motor, which from then on independently takes over the drive of your bike. Motor outputs of up to 500 watts are permitted for this type of bicycle.

Since the motor drives the wheel on a real electric bike without your help, the legislator has decided to classify this type of e-bike as a moped. In contrast to the pedelec, a moped driver’s license and an insurance license plate are therefore required in order to be allowed to drive the bicycle on the road. However, just like with pedelecs, the legislature does not require a helmet to be worn here either.

What are the different types of e-bikes?

Almost all types of bicycles are now available as e-bikes. There is a model for a leisurely ride through the city as well as for a tour through the mountains or other occasions. Decide according to your personal taste from the following e-bike types :

e-bike types
E-Bike (Type) speed off-road capability Low weight
E-Bike City + + +
e-mountain bike ++ +++ ++
E-trekking bike + ++ +
E cross bike +++ ++ ++
e-road bike +++ + +++

A city bike or pedelec is recommended for beginners who use their bikes for everyday use. The stylish bikes are often also available as step-through bikes and impress with their youthful design that combines retro style with new technology. You can choose from different colors ranging from classic white and black to bright green or pastel blue.

Buy Cube Mountain Elecric bikes online | Cube Bikes For Sale

Mountain bikes are the first choice for athletes who often go off-road. Both full and hardtails are available as pedelec variants, which shine with powerful performance and high-quality equipment. The Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Race 500, for example, has a particularly light aluminum frame and, with a 75 Nm (Newton meter) drive, the most powerful electric motor available for bicycles on the market.

Modern e-bike models offer a long range thanks to powerful bicycle batteries.

There are also some models with electrical support for cross and trekking fans. With powerful batteries, the range is increased, while the weight and size of the power packs are reduced further and further. So you can enjoy full riding pleasure for a long time and still be able to carry your e-bike over obstacles without any problems.

Anyone who wants to be particularly fast on paved roads will opt for an e-racing bike. Thanks to the support of the electric motor, you can accelerate your bike within a few seconds and thus effortlessly reach top speeds. Particularly light construction and a drive attachment that is tailored to the frame geometry ensure that you can also enjoy the best riding characteristics with an e-bike.

Which well-known e-bike manufacturers are there?

While the production of e-bikes was initially limited to a few manufacturers as a marginal phenomenon, many well-known brands have now started producing modern bikes. This has noticeable advantages for you because the ever-increasing competition leads to lower prices and an increase in the quality of e-bike models. At you will find, among others, these e-bike manufacturers and brands that are convinced with innovative technology and many years of know-how.

Straight to popular e-bike brands: Cube E-Bike | Trek bike | Giant electric bike | Rad Power Electric Bike | Specialized electric bike

This large selection of different e-bike models ensures that you will find the right combination for your needs from the many different types of e-bikes. Whether sporty, robust or for the city tour: Here you will find the right e-bike for you.

What to look out for when buying?

Especially with comparatively new products, such as e-bikes, the question often arises as to what to look out for when buying. Since almost all types of bikes are now also available as electric versions, the same specifications apply to the actual properties of the bike as to the conventional version. However, there are differences between e-bike motors and batteries. You should pay particular attention to the following four characteristics:

  1. Range
  2. battery charge time
  3. power
  4. Weight

The range is of particular interest for mountain bikes and trekking bikes. While most models are already equipped with a range of 80 km, there are also models that can drive over 120 km with electric support. The decisive factor is the battery. The longer it lasts without reloading, the farther you can go. The majority of e-bike batteries are of the lithium-ion type. These are robust and hold their charge for a long time, even when the bike is not in use.

Focus Sam2 6.9 Electric mountain bike for sale

The charging time is another factor that determines the fun with a pedelec. Anything between two and nine hours is on offer here. Especially with rechargeable batteries that take a little longer to charge, it makes sense to connect them to a power source overnight. For this purpose, most battery packs can be removed from the bike and then easily charged from a standard outlet. In other models, the battery is permanently installed, so in this case, you should park your bike near a socket. If the battery should run out on the way, you can also “recharge” it at one of the numerous e-bike charging stations – often even free of charge. Our tip: The e-bike charging station app for Android & iOS

The strongest engine offers you a whopping 75Nm of torque.

Motor power determines how fast you can ride your e-bike and how much assistance you get when riding normally. Strong motors are recommended for mountain bikes, which will not refuse to support you even on the steepest mountains. With up to 500 watts and a torque of 75 Nm, you will find the most powerful motor here. But even with a model that offers 250 watts and 48 Nm of torque, you are well prepared for all eventualities.

Another feature that interests many bikers is the weight of the bike. While ultra-light construction is very often used in modern bikes, the frames and other components of e-bike variants are usually made of light aluminum. However, the motor and battery inevitably add weight. While the first models were still quite heavy, development has made a leap here too. While a common e-bike reaches a weight of between 22 and 24 kg, light models are now available, especially for racing bikes, some of which weigh less than 10 kg.

Explore the world of e-bikes

Giant ebikes for sale. Buy Giant Electric bikes online

Cycling is still a popular leisure activity and unites amateur athletes, everyday commuters, and athletes. The e-bike is now taking this sport to the next level and creating a new feeling. The electrical support is not only helpful for the physically handicapped or seniors: Because suddenly tours are possible that you would not have managed before with your own muscle power. Steep climbs or long distances are no longer a problem with an e-bike. The world is your oyster with modern bikes.