Trek Enduro Bikes for sale online

Enduro is a mountain bike category that wants to be neither fish nor meat. Ski down or climb? Laying down fat drops or gallantly descending the local flow trails? 

And that’s what makes this category so exciting because if you’re looking for a fun all-rounder for almost any type of terrain, you really can’t go wrong with an enduro. And if you then sit on an enduro bike from a well-known brand like Trek, nothing can go wrong.

Carbon or aluminum, beginner-friendly or suitable for professionals – Trek builds enduro mountain bikes that meet all requirements. And there’s a relatively simple reason for that…


Experience, experience and more experience. The US company Trek was founded in a garage in 1976 – how could it be otherwise with memorable companies – and has now blossomed into one of THE major two-wheeler manufacturers in the world.

But it was to take at least seven years before the first Trek mountain bike saw the light of day. In the following years, the spectrum was expanded more and more and there were numerous successes. For example, in 1993, the first Olympic gold medal in mountain biking was won on a trek.

Of course, all the knowledge that the designers and engineers have gathered over the years still flows into the development of state-of-the-art bikes that are not only state-of-the-art but also repeatedly set standards in terms of technology, weight, and workmanship. And of course, it’s no different in the Enduro category.


Trek Enduro mountain bikes for sale online

Remedy and Slash, for example, are the names of two model series from Trek’s enduro division. While the Remedy is considered a specialist for rough and blocked trails, the Slash is the first choice for all those who want to go downhill quickly.

In any case, the technology that goes into the frame is truly terrific on all bikes. With the MIO-Link, you can easily change the geometry of the bike during the tour, depending on what the trail throws at you. 

Of course, modern materials such as carbon are used as well as state-of-the-art components from Rockshox, Bontrager SRAM or Shimano. Internally routed cables ensure a clean look and of course, make the whole construction much more durable.

But don’t worry – if you’re intimidated by all the high-end stuff: The aluminum versions of the bikes are available for quite affordable money and you don’t really have to make any big compromises, because Trek also processes the cheaper material in such a way that that the enduro is and remains responsive and light!

In conclusion, we can only say that we are more than impressed by the Trek Enduro bikes and can only warmly recommend them to you!