Assemble the bike yourself in a few minutes

At you can order bikes online and have them delivered safely to your home. To make this service possible, we have developed special packaging for our bicycles.

In order to send the bike quickly and effectively, we only included the front wheel separately and also placed the handlebars crosswise for trekking bikes. All necessary assembly and adjustment work, such as centering the wheels, gearshift, and brake adjustments, were of course carried out by our fitters before shipment. We will deliver you a perfectly adjusted bike that is ready to ride in just a few steps.

The structure of the preset bike is very simple:

  1. Remove packaging
  2. straighten the handlebars
  3. install front wheel
  4. Adjust the saddle and handlebars to the desired seating position
  5. Mount pedals.

Bike assembly & adjustment

Bike assemby and contruction.

Order bikes online

“How is my bike actually delivered?” Our customer advisors hear this question again and again. Understandable, because not everyone can easily assemble a modern bicycle. Some experience and special tools are required to professionally and safely assemble gears, brake systems, spring elements, and bearings. For safety reasons, the brakes and gears in particular should be professionally adjusted and checked before the first ride.

Assembled by the manufacturer – adjusted and checked by

The branded products from bicycle manufacturers are rarely delivered in a ready-to-ride condition for end customers. The task of professional final assembly and fine adjustment is therefore usually carried out by the local specialist dealer in the industry.

Do it yourself – this is how you do everything right will deliver your new bike to your home almost ready to ride and checked. All you have to do is make a few simple settings yourself before you can get on and start riding. We have summarized all assembly tips for you in screwdriver videos. In this way, you will learn in simple steps how to set up your new bike and adjust it optimally.

In addition, we will show you useful tips and tricks for fine-tuning and repairing the bike yourself, step by step.

Our assembly procedures at

Depending on the manufacturer and country of origin, all bicycles must first be set up and pre-assembled in a more or less complex manner. Our trained specialists then take care of the fine assembly and final inspection of each individual bike.

Step 1: Adjust the circuit

If the circuit is set correctly, driving pleasure and unhindered propulsion are guaranteed. 

Bike Circuit adjustment
Bike circuit adjustment by experts

Whether derailleur gears, hub gears, or planetary gears, a precise gear change must be guaranteed for each gear type. The precise adjustment of the circuit is therefore the top priority for our specialist fitters.

Step 2: Center the wheels

Front-wheel and rear-wheel take all the shocks. Nevertheless, you should run around and stay around. 

Bike wheels adjustment bike expert adjusting bicycle wheels

We check and true all delivered wheels. Inaccuracies in concentricity and spoke tension are eliminated and only round and stable wheels leave our shop.

Step 3: Adjust the brakes

Brakes are crucial to your safety. All mechanical rim brakes and hydraulic brake systems are therefore carefully adjusted and checked by our expert fitters. Every bike undergoes a rigorous brake test before shipment.

Step 4: Final inspection

Finally, in the final inspection, all safety-relevant screws, brakes, spring elements, bearings, and joints are checked again. 

Every mechanic signs with his name for a conscientious and professional final assembly. The bike is then securely packed in our special box.

Step 5: Shipping and Delivery

We would prefer it if you could just take your new bike out of the box and start riding. Unfortunately, this is not 100% feasible. 

Bikes tend to be quite large and bulky and need to be packaged accordingly if shipping is to remain affordable.

With our special shipping boxes, however, we come very close to the ready-to-ride bike. Only a few steps separate you from riding your new bike. All you as a customer have to do is straighten the handlebars, insert the front wheel and mount the pedals. All the tools you need are included with the bike and you will automatically receive detailed assembly instructions from us by email. You will notice that your new bike is ready for use in just a few minutes.

We wish you a lot of fun with your new bike!