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In order to provide you with the best possible support in your search for the right bicycle accessories, you will find answers to important questions about our bicycle accessories here.

Bicycle accessories are as varied as the bicycles and their owners. In our online shop and in our branches you will find this selection of high-quality accessories to make everyday use of your bike more comfortable, to transport luggage, to equip your workshop, and much more.

Which Bike Accessories are there and which ones do we offer?

The area of ​​accessories in the bicycle universe is gigantic and difficult to keep track of. Our main concern is to equip you with the most important things in the area of ​​mobility. This counts both for the integration of the family or your four-legged friends, as well as for the training at home and of course the transport of your beloved bike. In this context, we have included products in our portfolio that are intended to support you with detailed solutions as well as with general problems relating to transport, training, and mobility with a bicycle. The right solution is often easier than you think if you only have the right accessories.

Bicycle Trailer For Your Bike

Bicycle trailers can make your everyday life easier in many ways. They are often and willingly used, especially for transporting children. But not only children can ride in it. There are now bicycle trailers from Thule that can even be used to transport dogs. In any case, the purchase always goes in. Discover our large selection of bicycle trailers and make your everyday life easier.

And here you will find our dog trailers and transport trailers.

Accessories For Everyday Life & Safety

It’s often the little things that keep you from using your bike more often in everyday life. A large proportion of bicycle accessories are designed to make cycling more comfortable and safer.

There are many reasons to leave the bike behind. This can be water splashing up from wet roads or country lanes, leaving clothing wet and dirty. This is where mudguards that are easy to mount can provide a simple, quick, and efficient remedy.

So that you can make safe progress while cycling and keep a clear view in changing light conditions, it is best to equip yourself with special sports glasses. Cycling goggles are particularly suitable for racing cyclists and MTB riders. In the MTB segment, especially for downhill and enduro riding, MTB goggles make sense.

But when you’re cycling, you should not only make sure that you see correctly but also protect yourself in the event of a fall. The head in particular should be adequately protected from injury. Ideally, you should always wear a bicycle helmet.

It is also not always possible to find suitable parking spaces for bicycles everywhere. Leaning against the walls of houses and street lamps often carries the risk of rolling away, tipping over, and scratching the bike. The subsequent installation of a bicycle stand is a real blessing here, which saves you the search for parking options.

A secure bicycle lock is part of the standard equipment for the everyday use of the bicycle. Without it, even a short visit to the supermarket is nerve-wracking. But that doesn’t mean you have to drag yourself to death with a big, bulky conclusion. In our branches, you will find a large selection of bicycle locks for a wide variety of purposes. The practical foldable Abus Borde locks, for example, are particularly comfortable and also really secure.

If your bike is fully equipped for everyday use, you can actually use it all year round. In summer it is always advisable to have something to drink with you. We have drinking bottles and drinking bottle holders for bicycles in our shop. But especially in winter, the time you can rely on daylight is very limited. So that you are safe on the road in the dark, we offer different bicycle lights. Among them, you will also find really bright lamps that not only help you to be seen but also turn night into day.

Accessories For Transport By Bike

Many things that you have previously done by car can be done at least as well by bike – provided you have the right accessories. The bike is particularly recommended for activities where you first have to look for a parking space with your car. Not only is there no need to look for a parking space, but you can now look at the traffic jams during rush hour with a smile on your face. Important issues in this context are the transport of luggage and taking children with you.

Accessories For Transporting Luggage On The Bike

The easiest way to transport luggage is with a bicycle bag or a bicycle basket. In models with a volume of up to 30 liters, medium amounts of luggage can be carried comfortably thanks to the back padding specially designed for cycling. We have different backpack models on offer. So you are sure to find a model that suits your needs.

If you’re unsure what kind of pannier you need, then it’s best to take a look at our pannier advice.

We have also summarized various tests and comparisons of the most popular panniers and presented the panniers separately with the advantages and disadvantages. Find the perfect bike bag for you.

You can find more information about this directly in our bike bag test & comparison article.

Accessories For Transporting Luggage On The Cyclist

Models with little storage space are practical for sporty tours at the weekend when you want to take a jacket with you along with some tools. Larger backpacks are not only suitable for medium-sized purchases, but also for multi-day mountain bike or racing bike tours. Many of our backpacks are equipped to accommodate a hydration system, but we also have special hydration backpacks in our range.

If you have more luggage or simply find a backpack uncomfortable, a luggage rack and matching luggage bags are the best choice. Similar to mudguards and bicycle stands, the manufacturers offer a large selection of luggage rack models that can be retrofitted to almost any bicycle. Luggage bags then offer an elegant way to transport larger amounts of luggage on the bike. Most luggage bags are waterproof and can be quickly attached to and removed from the luggage rack thanks to a sophisticated hook system. Adjusting the bags to different luggage racks is also child’s play.

Accessories For Transporting Children When Riding A Bike

But not only luggage should come on the bike. Thanks to a large selection of child seats, your children can enjoy cycling before they can pedal themselves. So you can easily cover the way to the crèche and kindergarten by bike. Your children will probably prefer to ride their bikes themselves from kindergarten anyway…

At some point, it’s time to go on vacation. And what could be nicer than exploring new regions by bike? So that you don’t have to travel by bike, we offer you bike racks for the car. This allows you to take your bike or the bikes of the whole family with you comfortably and safely by car. Of course, the carriers are just as suitable for transporting the bike to the nearest bike park or to a bike race – we also have suitable sports nutrition in our range.

State-of-the-art Electronic Support

In this case, electronic support does not mean the electric motor on the e-bike. In this case, it is about bike computers and navigation devices for bikes. In the simplest case, your bike computer tells you how far and how fast you rode your bike. But that is by far not all.

Thanks to numerous sensors, these devices can be used as training partners. In addition to the basic functions such as distance and speed, values ​​for the meters in altitude covered, cadence and heart rate, and much more can be collected and evaluated. In this way, optimal training control can be guaranteed. Thanks to GPS support, you can reliably find your way with the help of bike navigation systems, even in unfamiliar areas.

The Inclined Cyclist Also Needs Tools From Time To Time

Of course, your bike accessories have to be mounted on your bike somehow. In most cases, this is not rocket science – provided you have the right tools and assembly aids. That’s why you’ll find an extensive selection of bicycle tools for various needs in our branches. Starting with the indispensable basic equipment with 6-point Allen keys and bicycle pump to special tools such as chain tools and sprocket pullers, with which you can replace worn bicycle parts yourself.

See And Be Seen – Bike Lights

You always need a clear perspective on a bike, which is why there is no substitute for a good lighting system on your bike. It is at least as important as seeing something yourself that other road users notice you on the road. Here, too, bicycle lighting plays the most important role. But what exactly do you have to consider when buying? What are the differences and which bicycle lamps are approved for use on public roads? We have summarized all these questions and many more answers about bicycle lights for you.