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All-road bikes are ideal for riders who want to travel further from home without knowing what type of terrain they may encounter. You’ll feel right at home on an all-terrain bike if you ride mostly on less-than-ideal paved roads, bike paths, and the occasional gravel road. They provide the ideal combination of speed, efficiency, and comfort.

Ideal Terrain. All-road bikes can handle any type of terrain. They glide lightly over smooth asphalt, absorb the cracks on a bumpy road, and tackle a sandy dirt track you didn’t want to ride. These are bikes designed for rides with unexpected twists and turns. Check out our all-road bikes for sale now if you just want to go on your bike and ride to your heart’s delight.
3 reasons for a gravel bike

1. More performance

The electric drive is lightweight, compact, and offers minimal pedaling resistance. The shifting is lively, the engine reacts immediately, and best of all: if you want, it can be easily removed in just a few simple steps.

2. More suitability for everyday use

If you want to get from A to B quickly and also want to take a shortcut over the dirt road, the gravel bike is just right for you. Thanks to the slightly wider and knobby tires, you can do more than just drive on asphalt.

3. More kilometers

Thanks to the frame geometry, you sit more upright than on a racing bike. Your back stays straight, you are more relaxed. Longer tours uphill and downhill are perfectly possible.