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Road bikes

The road bike tour

Buy the road bike for all endurance fans. A sporty racing bike that won’t let you down even after several hours of driving.

3 reasons to buy a road bike

1. Light and stable

With no other bike can you push the tube like you can on a racing bike. Its light and streamlined design and the high stability of the components are used to ensure that you reach top speeds.

2. Pure racing

With us, you will not only find the top models of the most popular racing bike manufacturers but also clever add-on parts and accessories. Come by and immerse yourself in the world of cycling.

3. Everywhere

Are you going on holiday across States or on a short trip to a faraway city? Then don’t miss the opportunity and take your racing bike with you! We will show you how to simply remove your front wheel and transport your baby safely.

Road bikes – Choose the route, enjoy the speed

Well over a hundred years of cycling can’t be wrong. The fascination with racing bikes remains unbroken. The slim-tired driving machines convert every step on the pedals directly into propulsion. Because of their sporty character, they are the first choice for many cyclists to brave the wind for many kilometers on the lower handlebars, conquer mountain passes, or experience pure speed in winding road descents.

Depending on your own focus, today you can choose between a classic road bike, a designated long-distance or aero model, an exotic-looking triathlon bike, or off-road variants for cyclocross and gravel road use. Modern road bikes, triathlon bikes, and cyclocrossers usually roll to the start with carbon or aluminum frames and 2×11 gears. More and more manufacturers are also relying on disc brakes in the world of road bikes. Electronic gears can also be found in the top segment.