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Santa Cruz bikes for sale

Santa Cruz Bikes Available For Sale

Are you a mountain biker with heart and soul and only the finest bikes get under your butt anyway? Well, then we can warmly recommend the machines from Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz provides you with the best tools to tackle any type of route trail. Santa Cruz Bikes – Quality from California
“Simply progressive” – ​​that’s what Santa Cruz Bikes has stood for since the beginning.

Full-suspension high-end mountain bikes are developed and tested here in-house. That makes a difference to many other manufacturers. Here you can find out how the brand has developed over the years and what special features come up when hunting for the perfect mountain bike.

The journey to perfect bikes

The history of Santa Cruz Bikes begins in the early ’90s with guys who prefer to focus squarely on a full-suspension bike rather than a hardtail. The fact that Santa Cruz Bicycles is still around today shows that this risk has paid off.

The first bike

Professional skateboarder Rob Roskopp, who has already had close ties to Santa Cruz Skateboards owner Rich Novak through his sport, decides to break into the bicycle industry with him. The two team up with Mike Marquez, a bike engineer, and Tom Morris, a designer.

A “simply advanced” frame and the best full suspension: These two criteria largely determine the creation of their first bike. The fact that Mike Marquez has been involved with bicycle suspension for several years and is considered a professional here helps enormously when developing various prototypes.

The first bike, called the Tazmon, was produced in 1994. The innovative fully has an aluminum frame and three-inch suspension travel and, thanks to its uniqueness, ensures lively discussions among mountain bikers.

Perfect adaptation thanks to VPP

Developed by Jamie Calon and James Klassen in the ’90s, the “Virtual Pivot Point” (VPP) suspension is adopted by Santa Cruz Bikes towards the end of the decade. The company now owns all rights to this suspension system.

  • The base: two links rotating in opposite directions
  • The design: flexible
  • The end product: perfectly adapted to the respective needs

The VPP suspension is developed and refined every year. The fact that Santa Cruz Bikes focuses primarily on optimizing this system and the components such as dampers and drive trains that are significantly related to it sets them apart from other bike manufacturers.

Santa Cruz Bikes today

Focusing on a perfectly balanced suspension system reflects what Santa Cruz Bikes stands for. Since the beginning, the focus has only been on the best and this quality will continue to be used to measure the bikes of this brand in the future.

In the new millennium, the company is sold to Pon Holdings, which already has other bicycle brands under its Dutch umbrella. But the bikes are still only developed and tested in California. The boys will continue to search for the perfect mountain bike without a break.

The special thing about the Santa Cruz bikes

Regardless of whether you are looking for a new cross-country mountain bike for your adventures in the forest, master the descents even faster with a downhill bike or want to combine both with an enduro bike, at Santa Cruz Bikes you will not only find bikes with the best possible full suspension, but a complete package of the highest quality.

  • carbon
  • impellers
  • VPP

The durability and strength of the US manufacturer’s carbon frames aren’t just marketing, they’re a solid fact. This quality now also applies to the wheels, which are built with the highest-quality carbon rims available on the market.

Stability and puncture resistance is high on the priority list for the bikes, but the necessary flexibility must not be missing either. By focusing on off-road use and their VPP suspension, the company develops perfectly balanced mountain bikes.

Our tip: If a bike from Santa Cruz is not enough for you, you can also dress up with a cool cap or a casual shirt from the brand and get spare parts and tools directly with you.

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High quality straight from California

Santa Cruz Bikes puts an incredible amount of effort into making the perfect mountain bike. In order not to take away your enthusiasm for biking with all the specialization in the event of a defect, the company uses many parts that you can easily replace almost anywhere in the world. This creates the perfect blend of Californian quality and the best parts from around the world.

Since the manufacturer attaches great importance to the quality and durability of its products, it gives you a lifetime guarantee, which you can request simply by filling out a guarantee form after your purchase. Get your new bike from Santa Cruz Bikes now and race through the world.