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Hybrid bikes for sale online
A hybrid bike is a combination between a city bike, a road bike, and a mountain bike. Because you adopt a sportier and more aerodynamic position on such a bike, you suffer less from air resistance.
Are you looking for the best hybrid bike for your needs? Then you have come to the right place.
A hybrid bicycle is a sporty and comfortable bicycle with the characteristic derailleur gear. With more gears, you pedal extra lightly and cover long distances more easily.

What is a hybrid bicycle?

A hybrid bike from combines the best of both worlds in one bike. Every day it takes you to work, and at the weekend you go out for a tour or a sporty ride.

It is a cross between a city bike and a sports bike, so you ride quickly and comfortably. Always equipped with Shimano gears, a lightweight aluminum frame, and, if you want to be extra fast, a battery as well. With a hybrid bike from, you will be in your element everywhere.

The best hybrid bike for you

Only the best hybrid bike is good enough. That’s why all our hybrid bikes have a lightweight frame made of aluminum, which makes the bike agile and smooth. The light gears make it possible to use the bike as a hybrid sports bike or recreationally.

By paying much attention to the lightweight frame and durable components that have been carefully selected, you will cover many kilometers without care.

In addition, a high-quality finish and smart solutions such as concealed cables ensure that the bike is virtually indestructible. The unique styling gives you an optimal feeling of luxury.

Of course, all this is combined with a comfortable seating position. This makes a hybrid trekking bike from the best hybrid bike for all your touring and sporting trips.

Hybrid bike for women

The hybrid bike for women has a lower step to easily keep your balance when getting on and off. These bicycles are not only suitable for women, but also for men.

Hybrid bike for men

The hybrid bikes for men have higher frame sizes and take the heights of men into account. With the top tube, you have a higher entry and this also makes the frame extra sturdy.

Hybrid bikes with gears
All our hybrid bikes have Shimano gears. Choose to have automatic shifting or the best gear hub for your cycling needs.

Are you going more off the beaten path or staying on the road? Longer distances and hilly terrain call for a sturdy derailleur shifter… A hub gear is more suitable for commuting to work and cycling touring on ordinary roads. Because of the closed gear case, this type is low maintenance.

Which hybrid bike to buy

The hybrid bicycle is equipped with an open chain guard and derailleur gears. You can also opt for an electric hybrid bicycle. There is also a choice in the equipment of the bicycle: many or few gears, with chain or belt drive, etc.

A lightweight hybrid bicycle

With a lightweight hybrid bike, you can easily cover long distances. The lightweight aluminum frame makes the bike easy to carry and lighter to ride.

Thanks to a robust design and high-quality materials during production, every lightweight hybrid bike can take a beating. This means low maintenance for you. And because our bikes deserve the best service, you can always go to your dealer.