Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 2. Cannondale Trekking Bikes for sale

Cannondale is a legendary name in the bicycle industry. While the brand is well renowned for its unique mountain bikes, stylish trekking bikes can also be found in the halls of the Americans.

The designers here have many years of experience working with aluminum and other materials. However, when it comes to geometry and equipment, individuals in other countries understand exactly what a trekking bike requires.


Operation area

The trekking bike is a true all-purpose buddy. It is ideal for usage in the city or on the way to work because of the luggage rack, mudguards, and lighting system. At the same time, it is the ideal bike for your next countryside excursion.

Whether you are planning an excursion or a multi-day tour, the changeable bikes always look great. You may take equipment and materials with you for several days thanks to the luggage rack, and you don’t have to worry about severe weather because of the mudguards.

Asphalt, forest paths, gravel, and trekking bikes feel at home on a wide variety of surfaces. That makes them real all-purpose bikes.


Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 Trekking bikes

Mudguards and a luggage rack, as previously said, distinguish a Cannondale trekking bike. Of course, the bikes provide much more. Geometries that strike a balance between comfort and sportiness have you moving rapidly.

There are also low-entry frames for athletic ladies that make ascending (e.g. with a skirt) considerably easier. 28-inch wheels with contoured, broad tires provide excellent puncture resistance, rolling qualities, and, of course, the necessary traction on unpaved paths. Powerful disc brakes also provide a safe stop.

At a glance:

  • Comfortable, sporty frame geometry
  • Mudguards for rides in wind and weather
  • Luggage carrier for panniers and Co.
  • Partly low-entry frame for an easier ascent
  • 28-inch wheels
  • Puncture-proof tires with a coarser profile for grip on loose surfaces
  • Powerful disc brakes for safe braking


Cannondale Tesoro Neo X1 Trekking E-Bike

Cannondale has always been able to inspire with unusual innovations. After all, every bike fan has dreamed of a Lefty at some point.

This series of improvements also include the Headshock suspension forks. The suspension is situated just below the head tube, above the two fork legs. This decreases the amount of moving parts while also ensuring a smooth reaction.

Cannondale also incorporates this technology into some of its trekking bikes. Wrist pain from gravel or cobblestones is a thing of the past.
Otherwise, Cannondale trekking bikes feature well-made aluminum frames.

These are light and robust, and also beautifully designed. Of course, they not only look good, but they also drive at least as well. As always, Cannondale manages to optimally combine form and function.