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Full Suspension Mountain Bikes For Sale

Full Suspension bikes for sale online

With a perfect customized full suspension bike, you are always one step ahead of the competition – and this applies not just to competition but also to everyday life. has the ideal full-suspension mountain bike for any use. The available spring travel is important when selecting the best full suspension bike.

Different suspending qualities are required depending on the application. Light and powerful full suspension motorcycles with up to 120 mm of travel are available for XC racing, while enduro riders get their money’s worth with soft 160 mm of travel.

If you love steep downhills, full suspension bikes with at least 200 mm of travel should be on your wish list.

All mountain bikes with 140 mm of travel have established themselves as the perfect all-rounder. Of course, you will find the entire range of cool fully bikes with us!

What are the advantages of a full-suspension bike?

There are certain advantages to using a spring-loaded rear end. First and foremost, the suspension is in charge of absorbing road irregularities. Roots, stones, and potholes are examples of these.

A full suspension bike is useful not just off-road, but also on the road. The absorption of road unevenness is tremendously beneficial in several ways:

the body is shielded from shocks while driving comfort improves. A good chassis keeps the tires in contact with the ground at all times, especially on uneven terrain, which significantly improves driving safety.

Off-road, higher and higher speeds can normally be obtained on a full-suspension bike.

Although many cyclists swear by hardtails when going uphill, faster times can actually be attained when beginning up with a full suspension. The spring-loaded rear end provides increased traction, especially on bumpy ground, relieving the driver not only physically but also mentally.

So it seems sensible that more and more cyclists are choosing full suspension bikes even for the marathon. This is the ideal option for both regular riders and aspirational athletes thanks to cutting-edge manufacturing processes and complex rear-end kinematics.

Different suspension systems – From the turn-in to the VPP system

Before purchasing a full suspension bike, the various suspension systems frequently cause some little uncertainty.

What exactly does “VPP” or “four-joint” mean? Basically, no matter what kind of bicycle they are on, complete suspension systems may be loosely categorized into four groups: single-link, multi-joint, four-joint, and VPP systems.

A closer look is worthwhile because the manufacturers favor various suspension methods; hence, having a little prior information won’t harm.

Hand-in handlebars are the simplest suspension system because of their straightforward construction. The damper is directly guided, and only a large-sized bearing allows the main frame to be connected to the rear end.

Because of the turn-low-in’s cost of implementation, full suspension bikes can be sold for a reasonable price. The weight on the rear end caused by lateral forces, the high forces pushing on the damper, and the infamous brake stamping are all drawbacks.

The multi-joint represents the turn-continued in’s development. A rocker and the use of numerous joints help to reduce the forces operating on the damper.

The same holds true for the back. The bearing at the axle mount on the chainstay, which should not be confused with the Horst link on the saddle brace, is a crucial component for multi-joints.

Manufacturers are also doing away with brake stamping thanks to cutting-edge technologies.

Only the four-joint contains the alleged Horst link. Similar to the multi-joint, a bearing is located near the axle but on the saddle brace rather than the chainstay.

This distinction, which may seem little at first, assures a very different suspension characteristic. In contrast to the single and multi-joint, the four-joint does not allow for brake stamping since the rear end does not describe a circular movement.

The most complex – and unfortunately also the most expensive – are the VPP systems. VPP stands for Virtual Pivot Point and is simply based on two opposing links.

However, the complicated implementation gives the rider a perfectly working system that is not only extremely sensitive but also very efficient. The VPP system is not always clearly recognizable as such. A VPP-like system includes the Maestro suspension system from Giant.

Care of a full-suspension bike

Of course, the full-suspension bike requires some attention. The perspective of the back end is also of particular importance here.

Aside from the various suspension systems, there is a distinction between air and coil dampers. The latter features a spring and is often low-maintenance.

In the case of air dampers, the air pressure must be checked on a regular basis to avoid the damper from penetrating.

The same is true for the suspension fork. Regardless, a full-suspension bike requires the same maintenance as a standard bicycle. Gentle cleaning and care products, specifically for bicycles, are available in our shop.

Also, the manufacturers’ recommended maintenance intervals must be followed in order to ensure the long-term functionality and safety of the bicycle.

Best Full Suspension Bike Brand to Buy

If nothing less than the best of the best comes into question for you, then you are in the right place in the Santa Cruz brand shop. Equipped with the VPP suspension system, you can achieve maximum performance in any terrain.

So why not rock the toughest downhill slopes in the world like the Syndicate team? The Santa Cruz V10 is a downhill bullet in perfection and lets riders achieve the best times worldwide.

For demanding enduro tours or tricky stages, the Californian bike forge has the Santa Cruz Nomad with incredibly soft 165 mm travel at the start.

The Spain-based bike manufacturer Mondraker has made a name for itself with groundbreaking technologies and the unmistakable design of its bikes – not to mention the mondraker-typical riding fun!

The exclusive fully bikes ensure comfort, traction and efficiency in equal measure on all trails. Genes that the new All Mountain Foxy also has. First-class downhill and climbing characteristics make this bike the perfect companion for you on demanding tours.

So convincing that the Foxy was the direct inspiration for the new trail bike Factor +.

Cube, a Bavarian company, has been producing high-quality bicycles for a variety of applications for many years. The combination of the finest materials and cutting-edge technologies ensures an exceptional bike with the best riding characteristics.

Low weight is synonymous with utmost stability and dependability, and the modern geometry and first-rate chassis inspire agility and efficiency in equal measure.

The most popular example of this is the popular Cube Stereo, which has enthralled even critics. With spring travel ranging from 120 to 170 mm, the series covers a wide range of applications.

The US bike forge Trek is inextricably linked to the history of mountain biking. As a pioneer in the field of mountain biking, Trek is of particular importance in the development of new bikes – an extremely high standard, which the company masters to this day with state-of-the-art materials and the latest technology with flying colors.

So it is hardly surprising that the fastest riders in the world achieve their successes with Trek Bikes. A specialist for downhill and bike packs is the Trek Session, with which you can push your limits far up. For women, Trek has the Women’s Line with a special geometry.

The premium brand Ghost is also one of the global players in the mountain bike sector. Outstanding developments such as the RIOT-Link rear suspension or E:i Shock with the automatically tuning damper are the responsibility of the brand from the Upper Palatinate.

If you want to call the RIOT-Link rear suspension your own, you can choose from the Enduro Ghost Path Riot or the Ghost Riot trail rocket.

Ghost has also implemented the four-joint technology in the best possible way, as the purebred enduro race bike Ghost FR AMR proves. With Ghost, you get the best technology for a really very fair price!

The Haibike brand, which belongs to the Winora Group, also comes from Germany – the specialist for e-bikes is undoubtedly also a specialist for non-motorized performance mountain bikes. Except for the pedal assistance, you definitely don’t have to do anything with the full-suspension bikes.

The fabulously appealing chassis is just as much a matter of course here as the efficiency and reliability are known for Haibike. The Seet Dwnhll / FreeRide and Nduro series impress with an extremely stable aluminum frame designed for the toughest action. Other very attractive series are located in the field of Advanced Offroad and Light Offroad.

Looking for a high-end mountain bike for the highest demands? Then you should definitely consider a mountain bike from the cult forge Yeti!

No other brand exudes such charm and appeals to mountain bikers around the world as the Californian company founded in 1985. We have to admit that Yeti bikes are in a different price range, but you also get a product that can convince in all respects – like the Yeti SB6.

The enduro mountain bike of the EWS Heros is almost a guarantee for victories. With a Yeti Fully Bike it’s your turn!