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Giant Reign E+1 E-Bike For Sale | 2022

The Giant Reign 3 is a so-called all-mountain bike. For you, this means uncompromising biking. The Giant Reign 3 withstands all types of terrain and gives you an incomparable driving experience in a class of its own. 

Manufactured by the bicycle giant Giant, this bike was of course developed according to the latest findings in sports science and equipped with high-quality technical features. 

Like all other bikes from Giant, the Giant Reign 3 is of course also equipped with a hydraulic disc brake and the aluminum frame from AluxX. 

Especially for the more difficult terrain, Giant didn’t let it go and equipped the Giant Reign 3 with Maestro’s award-winning suspension system. This has spring travel of 152 mm and thus offers an optimal adaptation to the terrain.

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Giant’s Reign line of bikes is mountain ebikes that are great for performance and off-road use. The 2017 model year has six different product variations on offer with the Giant Reign 0, 1, 2, X 0, X 1, and SX.

There are also a number of older models. Giant’s Reign series bikes are ideal for rough terrain. Even under the toughest conditions, the almost indestructible wheels are confident and reliable. I

In short, with a Reign from Giant, you don’t have to be afraid of routes where the professional biker would have a bad feeling on another bike.

Giant Reign – A mountain bike for high demands

Giant Reign E+1 Ebike 2022

The pivot point alone is unique to the Giant Reign. This is ensured by two connection systems and four strategically positioned pivot points. This creates a single virtual turning point. 

Thanks to the opposing pedal forces, the efficiency of the pedals is optimized. Kickback or suspension compression is effectively avoided in this way. 

The Giant Reign is ideal for the All Mountain area. In this respect, the models convince with their range of applications. They serve a large target group and show their strengths in different disciplines. Above all, riding the bikes is a lot of fun. 

The models in the Reign series have retractable seat posts and powerful brakes. This is one of the basic requirements for ultimate driving fun in complicated terrain. 

In addition, the chassis is drive-neutral and inspires confidence. The bike lays snugly on the track and is known for ironing everything flat. The Reign is unbeatable, especially when driving downhill while being relatively smooth-running and very stable. The traction is excellent.

What is special about some Giant Reign models is the handlebar remote control.

The Reign model from Giant impresses with its features

Giant Reign E+0 | 2022 E-Mountain Bike

Giant’s Reign model is available in different versions. There are also significant differences in price, so there is a suitable bike for every need. 

The Giant Reign 0 model, for example, is equipped with a lowerable “FOX Factory Talas” suspension fork and an innovative OverDrive 2 steerer. 

Other highlights include the height-adjustable seat post model “Giant Contact Switch Remote” and the high-quality hydraulic disc brakes “Avid Elixir 9”. 

As a characteristic of the Giant Reign bikes, the AluxX SL-Grade Maestro Suspension frame is made of extremely strong and durable materials.

The Giant company is also generous when it comes to tires. First-class Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires are mounted. Also included is a powerful SRAM X0 / X9 20-speed shifter.

The robust vehicle is available in four different sizes and weighs just 12.5 kilograms.

Depending on the size model, the step height is between 80.3 and 82.8 centimeters, the steering angle is always 67.5 degrees and the seat angle is 73.5 or 72 degrees. The chainstay is 43.7 centimeters long.

The other models differ in terms of individual details and also because of color.

Unlimited driving comfort

Giant Reign E+3 E-Bike


The Giant Reign offers unlimited driving comfort for both beginners and professionals. It is said that the Reign knows no limit. The suspension travel is more than sufficient at 152 millimeters. 

There is a lifetime guarantee on the almost indestructible frame. Biker heart, what more do you want?! On a real Reign model from the Giant brand, you are sure of no surprises, because the vehicle offers maximum control. 

Demanding climbs can be mastered just as perfectly as steep descents. There is hardly a better bike for the all-mountain area that is also affordable for the amateur. 

Giant Reign E+2 E-Bike | 2022

Playful trails and downhills that really pack a punch are no problem for the Giant Reign. The extremely robust bike has tough qualities and impresses with its high downhill potential. 

The bike also pleases with its playful handling. The only downside is going uphill. Because the grippy, extremely adhesive tires don’t roll over the gravel that easily. 

There are also trade-offs to be made in terms of weight. When every tenth of a second counts, most racing pros end up choosing a different model after all. 

The Reign from the Giant brand primarily offers incredible downhill fun. It’s a bike that serious recreational riders love. most racing professionals ultimately choose a different model. 

The advantages and disadvantages of the Giant Reign at a glance:

  • The Reign model from Giant convinces with an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • When it comes to downhill, the Reign mountain bike is almost unbeatable. The relatively long wheelbase ensures a smooth ride, the wheel lies flat on the ground.
  • There are much faster bikes for going uphill. The relatively high weight compared to other models and the non-slip tires offer a disadvantage here.
  • The mountain bike Reign from Giant is a safe and reliable partner even in impassable and extremely difficult terrain.
  • The Reign model from Giant is available in different colors, sizes, and price ranges.
  • All models are equipped with powerful gears and brakes. Characteristics are the excellent suspension and the height-adjustable seat post.
  • The AluxX SL-Grade Maestro Suspension frame is extremely stable. The Giant company grants a lifetime guarantee on it.