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Versatility and competence- Giant Trance

Giant Trance E+1 E-Bike For Sale

Giant is without question one of the giants on the international stage of bicycle manufacturers. From the passionate road bike fan to the true thoroughbred mountain biker, everyone will find what they are looking for in the extensive range of the Taiwanese manufacturer.

The Giant Trance has been one of the most popular trail bikes on the market for several years. This is not least due to its extraordinary versatility, because the potent bike offers both comforts on long tours and uncompromising agility on rough passages.

The special frame geometry owes the Trance a multi-year development process, which was continuously fueled by the feedback and support of professional team riders and experienced riders.

Power, speed, and control are clearly in the foreground and create synergistic effects that are reflected in a particularly dynamic riding experience.

The frame – stiff, light, well thought out

2022 Giant Trance X Advance E+0 E-Bike for sale
The Giant Trance now comes in six variants, all of which have one thing in common: An innovative AluxX SL aluminum or even carbon frame. This is born in the in-house manufacture, is made by hand, and thus easily exceeds the industry standards. It is installed in all six models:

  1. Giant Trance 0
  2. Giant Trance 1
  3. Giant Trance 1.5
  4. Giant Trance 2
  5. Giant Trance 3
  6. Giant Trance 4

The special aluminum of the AluxX frames is not only particularly light but also a whopping 30% stiffer than conventional aluminum. This makes it far more resilient and less susceptible to impacts and the effects of force. 

In addition, all models have a Fox suspension fork with 150 mm of travel and an optimized Maestro damping system that provides 140 mm of travel at the rear.

The models that are marked with the addition “Advanced” offer an even lighter and stiffer main frame made of carbon for the aluminum rear triangle. 

Equipped in this way, the Trance defies every challenge and combines precise craftsmanship with maximum functionality.

Advanced – Advanced through carbon fiber

2022 Giant Trance X E-2 E-Bike For Sale

For the bikes with the “Advanced” label, Giant uses a high-performance carbon fiber that is processed in-house. 

This “advanced composite technology” has a special stiffness-to-weight ratio (STW value) and reduces the overall weight of the bikes without compromising the robustness and rigidity of the frame.

 Various natural resins also contribute to this, giving the components exceptional resilience and skilfully absorbing vibrations and impacts.

Frame sizes and geometries

In order to provide enthusiastic mountain bikers of all heights with an appropriately sized bike, Giant offers the models in the series in sizes S, M, L, and XL. The following table provides an overview of the dimensions and compatible body sizes.

Frame sizes mountain bike
frame size Height (in cm)
S 165-173
M 173 – 178
L 178-188
XL 188-194


For smaller or larger people, changes to certain components such as the seat post or the headset can lead to an ideal and individually fitting result.

The standard equipment – anything but standard

Giant Trance X E+ 3 E-Bike

Giant’s Trance series offers various patented technologies. These not only support the functionality of the bikes but also ensure a noticeable plus in riding pleasure.

OverDrive Technology

This is a headset bearing in oversize format with a tapered steerer, which comes up with the dimensions 1.5″ by 1.25″ instead of the usual diameter of 1.5″ by 1.125″. 

This innovative fact enables more steering precision and, in conjunction with the conical shape, ensures a high degree of rigidity in the front end – a small but subtle difference that is clearly noticeable in terms of handling and ultimately also in terms of driving pleasure.

27.5-inch technology

With the Trance series, Giant relies on a special 27.5-inch wheel integration. The frame geometry of all frame sizes is precisely designed for wheels of this size. 

This should ensure particularly reliable handling, optimal agility, and the best possible rollover behavior.

Maestro cushioning system

This innovative, hyperactive suspension system works with the driver on any surface. With two joints directly behind the bottom bracket axle, the rear end does not revolve around the main bearing, but around a kind of virtual pivot point.

This special kinematics reduces rocking when pedaling and thus the loss of power to an absolute minimum. In addition, the system allows maximum ground contact and thus the best traction.

The Trance series – fine bikes for rough things

The trail bikes of the Giant Trance series are finely tuned all-rounders that are efficient and fast uphill and downhill and offer the rider plenty of reserves in difficult terrain. 

Thanks to the extremely light frame, the bikes have an extremely low dead weight. The high-quality and above-average functional components turn the bikes into real miracle weapons that offer riding pleasures, control, and safety regardless of the surface conditions.

Anyone who likes to do their rounds on unpaved paths will be enthusiastic about these all-rounders.