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Scott Full Suspension Bikes for sale | Scott Genuis 900 tunes

In order to provide you with the best possible support in your search for the right Scott model, you will find answers to important questions about our Scott Full Suspension bikes here. If you need further advice, we will be happy to help you by e-mail ([email protected]).


2022 Scott Spark 900 Tuned AXS

The bicycle manufacturer based in Switzerland relies primarily on lightweight construction.

Anyone who buys a Scott full suspension bike can be sure that they are riding one of the lightest bikes on the market, regardless of whether they have a carbon or aluminum frame.

If you look at the geometry data of the full-suspension bikes, you will notice the following distinctive features, also called “Scott Geometry” by Scott:

  • Short chainstays
  • Low standover height
  • Low bottom bracket
  • Flat steering angles
  • lower top tube for more space above the bike


2023 Scott Genius full suspension mountain bike for sale

Scott Bikes offer the following full-suspension bikes, sorted by area of ​​use and suspension travel :

  • Spark: 100 – 120 mm travel, racy XC, and marathon bike
  • Genius: 130 – 150 mm travel, reliable all-mountain bike
  • Genius LT: 170 mm, downhill-oriented enduro bike (LT stands for long travel and refers to longer travel)
  • Voltage Freeride: 180 – 190 mm travel, uncompromising freerider
  • Gambler: 200 – 210 mm travel, thoroughbred downhiller

Of course, a forward-thinking manufacturer like Scott bikes also offers its riders an e-bike solution: the Spark as well as the Genius are equipped with a Bosch motor to generate even more uphill fun.


Scott Genius full suspension mountain bikes for sale

With the exception of the Gambler and the Voltage Freeride, all models are available with the innovative and patented TwinLoc system. The best thing about it: the fork and damper are adjusted at the same time.

It is operated via a single lever on the handlebars, which allows various suspension settings by reducing the number of air chambers:

Open: full travel is available, suitable for downhill just like cube downhill bikes.
Traction: only one of the two air chambers of the damper is used, the fork continues to be fully used and the geometry changes to make it easier to climb
Closed: both spring elements are curled and the result is an extremely tight set-up. This is unique on the market and increases user-friendliness enormously.

700 OR 900?

Scott full suspension bikes are categorized according to their series: 700 – 750 or 900 – 950. Within these series, the equipment varies. One finds, for example, in a 700 equipment, higher-quality components than in a 750.

Basically, the series designates the wheel size:

  • 700 series: these bikes come with 27.5″ tires
  • 900 series: these bikes are equipped with 29″ wheels
  • Plus: this edition reveals that the new tire format 27.5+ has been installed

The manufacturer deliberately dispenses with 26″ wheels in order to guarantee its bikers maximum performance and driving pleasure.


Scott Ransom 26 full suspension mountain bikes

Scott was one of the first bike manufacturers to bring a women’s bike onto the market. Even today, when it comes to MTB Fullys, women have been thought of and a separate series called CONTESSA is dedicated to them. These wheels differ from their male counterparts in the following features:

  • lowered or curved top tubes
  • customized geometries
  • Suspension adapted to the mostly lighter body weight
  • Women’s saddles and slightly narrower handlebars
  • Customized designs in shape and color