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Specialized Electric Bikes For Sale

Specialized Electric bikes for sale

Specialized is an American manufacturer of bicycles that have a certain portion of extravagance. The design of the bikes is unusually sharp and very sporty. The ergonomics are therefore unique and break with many conventions. It benefits the driver’s ergonomics and, above all, enables an optimal weight design.

Specialized is particularly present in the area of ​​mountain bikes, but the product range also includes Trekking bicycles for everyday use and longer tours – of course always with that certain portion of extravagance that Specialized stands for. See Trekking Electric Bikes for sale online


Specialized has developed a very individual concept, especially in the area of ​​bike adaptation. This not only works but also with the Specialized e-bike.
Adjusting the correct bike size was no longer left to the user alone, but by Dr. Andrew Pruitt individualized and based on medical requirements. 
Accordingly, it is important that you contact our customer service once you have decided on a Specialized electric bike.

We will be happy to help you by email at [email protected] to determine exactly the right frame size. In this way, the bike fits perfectly with your riding style and also ensures optimum medical use.


Many models are now also available as Specialized e-bikes. The battery is basically built into the frame itself. This means that there is no optically unattractive block on the bike, but that it is perfectly integrated into the overall picture of the bike. 
It also means that the ergonomics of the bike hardly change due to the balanced center of gravity.

In contrast to other manufacturers, Specialized is heavily involved in the motor itself. This is not a finished model from Bosch, but a turbo engine. 

The motor itself is manufactured by the German company Bosch. However, the software is decisive for the performance of the motor itself – and this is exactly why Specialized electric bikes use their own team of experts for software development.

This is crucial for getting the maximum performance out of the engine. Among other things, this ensures a very natural riding experience with the Specialized Pedelec without losing power – especially with the newer turbo engines.


The engine control of the Specialized takes place via the Mission Control app. Parameters such as the current or the maximum support can be configured individually. 
There is even a lively exchange on the Internet among riders of a Specialized E-Bike about the optimal settings depending on the situation and riding style.
Anyone who wants to adapt the bike to their individual needs can let off steam here.
This is the most important model of the manufacturer. The Turbo Levo is a Specialized E-Bike made for professional mountain biking. It is constructed as a fully that has suspension on both the front and rear tires. 
This means that almost all heavy surfaces can be mastered not only comfortably but also reliably. Depending on the model, you have the choice between the more comfortable 29-inch tires or the somewhat 27.5-inch tires.
The Specialized Turbo Vado is the trekking bike in the manufacturer’s range. It therefore has a more classic shape than the mountain bikes from the Specialized Electric Bikes range. 
With the 28-inch wheels, it is ideal for high speed and optimal handling in traffic. But even slightly rough terrain is no problem for the Specialized Pedelec Turbo Vado.