Trek ebikes for sale online

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Trek owes its rise to the top of bike development to its high-quality standards and continuous innovations. Accordingly, the brand’s electric bicycles are also state-of-the-art. The brand’s e-bikes include the segments:


Trek e-bikes for sale online

Trek relies on the drive system from the market leader in e-bike technology: Bosch. The drives developed in Germany are characterized by perfectly coordinated and intuitively operated components – motor, battery and control system. The system’s batteries are particularly user-friendly: you can charge them at any conventional socket – without an extra charger. All in all, it can be said:

  • Bosch drives – made in Germany
  • A high degree of system integration ensures effectiveness and durability
  • Removable batteries that can be charged at any standard household socket


Trek E-mountain bikes for sale

Thanks to the size of the Trek company, it is possible to offer sophisticated electronic bikes of different types. At Trek, you will find electronic mountain bikes for the terrain of varying difficulty and e-bikes suitable for everyday use for commuting, city use, and touring.

Full Suspension ebikes

 Trek offers its E-MTBs under the name “Powerfly”. The full suspension models can be identified by model names ending in LT Plus, FS Plus and FS.

  • Powerfly LT Plus: 150mm of travel at the front and rear smoothly swallow up rough terrain. 29-inch wheels ensure good propulsion.
  • Powerfly FS Plus: 130mm travel front and rear ensure that you can fly over the trails. 29-inch wheels ensure good propulsion.
  • Powerfly FS: An agile E-MTB made for trails with 27.5-inch wheels and 130mm travel front and rear.

Hardtail Bikes: 

Trek’s electronic hardtail is simply called “Powerfly”. It is available in different versions for men and women.

  • Powerfly: With 100mm travel and 29-inch wheels, the bike is designed for long tours.
  • Powerfly Women’s: Trek’s electronic hardtail with a geometry specially designed for the female anatomy is equipped with 100mm of spring travel and is available with both 29 and (with small frame sizes) 27.5 inch wheels.

Trekking/City Bikes: 

When developing its electronic trekking and city bikes, Trek focuses on the needs of commuters, the conditions in the city and the wishes of touring riders.

  • TM & LM: The bikes in the TM and LM series are e-bikes from the touring bike segment. A relaxed seating position ensures that even longer tours can be covered in a relaxed manner. All bikes in the series are equipped with hub gears that guarantee low-maintenance operation. Furthermore, the bikes are equipped as standard with mudguards, luggage racks, and lights for everyday use. The bikes are available with different frame shapes.
  • Super Commuter: As the name suggests, a bike made for commuters. Chic and versatile, thanks to wide tires, mudguards, luggage rack and the battery integrated into the down tube.
  • Dual Sport+ / Neko+: Cross bikes with suspension forks and Shimano Steps drives are offered under these two names.