Giant Trekking bikes


E-Cross bikes impress with their versatility! Your sporty seating position invites you to drive fast, the stable frame allows flexible use on changing surfaces. Suspension fork and disc brakes complete the package.

With these bikes, you will cover many kilometers and be amazed again and again. Promenades or bumpy byways, with this excellent e-bike every ride becomes an experience.

The Explore E+ is a successful symbiosis of urban cycling style and a diverse range of services. The ALUXX aluminum frameset and a SyncDrive motor powered by Yamaha guarantee the necessary power and ensure the right acceleration in different riding conditions.

The outstanding feature of the Explore E+ is that you feel comfortable right away and intuitively feel the power dormant in this bike.

City and trekking tours are the traditional driving areas for the Explore E+. With every kilometer, you will feel that this bike emanates an unexpected fascination that attracts you again and again!


Giant was founded in 1972 and is now one of the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturers with production sites in Europe and Asia. Due to the extensive development work and the feedback from sponsored professional teams, Giant is one of the most innovative bike brands in the areas of racing and mountain biking.

Giant is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of bicycle frames made of carbon fibers (“Carbon”). Giant first used carbon fiber in bicycle frames in 1984 and released an all-carbon fiber bicycle frame in 1996. Today, the bicycle giant from Taiwan is one of the top-selling bicycle manufacturers in the world.

The perfect interaction of everyone involved in bicycle construction made it possible for Giant to rise to the premium class. Today, the bikes are in a class of their own and enjoy an ever-growing fan community, which is due not only to the excellent quality but also to the good price-performance ratio.


All components that the premium manufacturer Giant builds into its bikes are state-of-the-art and allow carefree and safe biking. Giant only relies on proven technology when selecting its components. 

This corporate philosophy ensures that the bike as a whole forms a reliable unit and thus achieves the highest possible level of reliability in daily use. 

Only certified component suppliers are approved for production operations and must go through a tough quality pre-selection process before they are finally listed.

The most important features of the Giant Explore E+ model series at a glance:

  • Fast, sporty cross e-bike
  • Circuits from Shimano
  • Brakes from renowned manufacturers
  • powerful GIANT SyncDrive Sport powered by Yamaha mid-engine, 250 W, 80 Nm,
  • Proper lighting system in accordance with the strict provisions of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVOZ).