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Why is a mountain bike riding technique course beneficial?

How do pump tracks operate, how do you survive a wall ride, and how do you launch your bike into the air? The top bike parks in Spain and France have each been shown to you over the past several weeks, and each of them not only provides fantastic challenges but also riding technique classes where you can learn how to do it. Why? Simply said, it’s because mountain biking is a difficult and regrettably not altogether safe activity.

The ultimate thrill can only be found in a bike park, where chicanes, obstacles, and steep descents test even the most seasoned riders. If you can master a few basic skills, you’ll feel secure in any circumstance and have the self-assurance you need to quickly abandon the straightforward paths and venture onto more treacherous terrain.

Two Mountain bikers on a Mountain trail in Spain

Experience has shown us that a bike vacation is the best setting for an MTB course. Here, you can unwind and, preferably, practice your technique for several days in a row while being watched. As a result, substantial improvement in cycling skills can be anticipated.

In addition to safety and personal development, there are other good reasons for taking a riding technique course:

  • Every mountain biker who wants to get more out of their trips than simply riding straight down the dirt road should become proficient in a few fundamental techniques. It includes the proper braking technique, cornering, and riding posture. The payoff for your efforts is then very impressive: you can anticipate higher riding enjoyment while also seeing a decrease in accident risk. You have access to fresh horizons and can drive on a range of terrain.
Mountain biking trail in Spain
  • Disconnect daily life and engage in enjoyable biking. In addition to enhancing your vacation, taking a riding technique course will help you unwind and clear your thoughts. However, the laid-back holiday attitude makes it much simpler for you to focus on the course material. The traditional win-win situation.
  • You can’t teach an old dog new tricks? That is not correct! It’s always exciting to discover something new, no matter how old you are! A skilled teacher will encourage and motivate you as you gradually improve your riding skills. Simultaneously, he can appraise your knowledge quickly and prevent you from overestimating yourself and placing yourself in danger.
  • Many mountain bikers prefer to be “lonesome riders,” but you’ll find that riding in a group is much more enjoyable. Of course, you can book private trainer classes, but the fun is not only cheaper in a group, but the success and fun factors are also increased. After only a short period of getting to know one another, a sense of unity develops. From discussing experiences to mutual motivation to the après biking, you can accumulate amazing moments alongside like-minded people. Mountain bikers do not call themselves a community for nothing!
  • Returning fitter from vacation will not work if you are manning the poolside sun lounger. Riding technique instruction burns a lot of calories, so you may eat at the breakfast buffet guilt-free.
  • A good riding technique course will increase your self-esteem. When you have control of your bike and can make an impact with your Riding abilities from technical education, it appears far more relaxed.
  • Riding technique is one thing, but trail fairness is another! Trail etiquette is an important aspect of riding technique classes since being polite to nature and your fellow humans promote the overall reputation of the mountain bike sport. Here you will learn the fundamentals of “Ride Fair,” such as braking without taking half the track with you, maintaining your balance at low speeds so that you can pass hikers or grazing animals at a walking pace, and other aspects of effective teamwork. You can also find out where you should be on the road as a mountain biker to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

A bike holiday is a good opportunity for a  riding technique course!

If you truly want to advance, it is highly advised that you take individual riding technique training on a regular basis. Experience has shown that a course lasting several days with the same teacher and in the same region results in the most significant developmental steps. And if you treat yourself to a riding technique course, you can combine it with a stay in one of Europe’s most beautiful mountain regions, which also happens to be one of the top MTB places, right?

Mountain Biking in Spain. Bike Park in Spain for biginers

In addition to setting up bike-friendly lodging, our partners at BikeHotels Sudtirol also work with the local cycling schools and professional bike guides to offer a variety of custom courses, ranging from one-day riding technique clinics to one-week riding technique camps. Your instructors will be true experts who will work with you to improve your riding technique and who frequently have insider knowledge of the most breathtaking bike excursions available. Selected bike hotels in South Tyrol offer intriguing combos including ride education with overnight accommodations, a riding technique course, and a tour with a bike guide for anyone who wants to combine a bike holiday with a technique course.

After successfully completing the MTB course, if you’re seeking the most picturesque biking locations, take a look at our articles on bike parks in Spain & France. We’ll advise you where to hone your newly gained skills there.

Finally, a tip: Vouchers for MTB riding technique courses are an excellent gift for big and small mountain bike fans!